My Heart Aches…

With great sadness I post this link to an article about the tragic murder of my dear friend Emily, wife of my brother Kurt Jordan and mother of Amanda (7) and newborn baby Luc (4 months). She and her father, Russell, were ruthlessly gunned down by her ex-husband Tuesday night after he lost custody of Amanda to Emily.

My heart mourns for the loss of Emily. She was a beautiful soul and was without a doubt Kurt’s perfect soulmate. I am sick from this news and I can only imagine the pain that Kurt and the entire Jordan and Ford families are going through right now.

If there is a God, may he bring peace to Emily and her father, stillness and comfort to Kurt and Emily’s families and friends and the worst possible pain and eternal torment to this monster who has brought a lifetime of pain and suffering to so many others.

Man Kills Ex-wife and Her Father – News – The Orange County Register.