Watching the little ones grow…

Sean at 2.

Sean at 2.

Sean turned 2 a couple of weeks ago.

TWO! Seriously. Where did the time go?

When 2012 began he had a 20 word vocabulary. Mostly numbers. Though, admittedly, he couldn’t seem to grasp the number 4 at all.

Flash forward two months. The young one suddenly starts saying the number 4 correctly. In fact, he’s able to count all the way up to 19 with no trouble or assistance. He’s also grown his vocabulary to probably a couple hundred words. And not in that parrot way, where he just re-says whatever you do. No, he actually KNOWS things. He knows all his basic colors. He knows what a fox is, he knows what a rock is… and many other things that he is more than happy to point out to you. Usually with a big smile as he waits to see your astonishment at how clever he is.

And astonished I am. I can’t believe how fast he’s come in just a month and a half or so. He is putting together complex thoughts even. I had him on my shoulders at Disneyland the other day. He leaned down to look me in the eye and he said, “Down and walk!” Amazing. He was just two days past his second birthday at that point.

It is so much fun watching my nephews grow and mature. They are all so different. Their personalities, their inflections, their intelligence is unique from one to the next. They share a similar gene pool, a similar upbringing, but already you can see the differences in them. Each one is a unique individual in and of them self. I love being a part of their lives and am thankful that I have had the chance to do so.

Especially since I’m not likely to have a child of my own.

Theresa and Bryan are starting to talk about their second child. They might start trying sometime this year. They are hoping for a girl. Can you imagine? A girl in this family after 4 straight boys? She’ll be a princess all right. And with as unique and amazing as each of the boys are, I can only begin to imagine what a single girl in the family would be like. And I’m sure she’ll be exceptional if she ever comes.