Mick Dawson

The following is what I wrote about my Dad a few hours after he passed away on August 27, 2007.

It is with great sadness that I bring the news to you that the Dawson family suffered a tragic loss today (Monday, August 27, 2007).

Mick Dawson died August 27, 2007... he will be missed but loved forever.

Our beloved father and President of D2P, Mick Dawson, passed away Monday afternoon to massive heart failure. Mick was an exceptionally loving father who dedicated everything in his life for his children. He found great joy in these past few years working on films and various video projects with us and with you. He was always ready to bring a smile to everyone’s face with a witty joke, an amusing tale, or a groaner of a pun.

He took pride in everyone’s accomplishments and cherished having the ability to help us all achieve our goals and our dreams. In his final months you all helped him achieve one of his own personal dreams when we won “Best Writing” for Lucky Numbers. All of his life Mick dreamt of being an accomplished writer and I know he felt a deep pride in this particular accomplishment. He also felt extremely proud standing in front of our “standing room only” crowd for the premier of “What’s The Vig?”, a feeling that was made enhanced even more when the movie won “Best Comedy” at the New York International Film and Video Festival a month later. He absolutely loved making that movie, and working with such a talented group of people. He often spoke of how he felt an incredible exhilaration seeing our first feature film on the big screen.

I know that each and every one of you will feel the sadness of this loss. Mick was truly one of the “Good Guys” and he will be sorely missed by us all. His easy demeanor and willingness to share his life’s experiences made him someone people were drawn to and happy to know.

Your thoughts and prayers for our father and for the family are greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact us if you have any wishes you would like conveyed to our family, and I will keep you all posted of the service arrangements as we make them in the coming days.

Thanks and my love to all,


To view photos from Mick’s Funeral please follow this link.

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