Blue For The Holidays

Perhaps it’s the fact that I turn 39 next year, or that I attended my 20th High School Reunion this past summer, or maybe it’s because this is my fifth Christmas season in a row without a girlfriend… I don’t know… but I do know that I am feeling blue this holiday season.

Theresa and Bryan have put up their tree. Sean was adorable helping them out. I haven’t been to Laura’s house but I imagine their decorations are all up by now as well.

I love seeing my sisters and their families creating their traditions and making memories with their kids. It’s a beautiful thing.

Maybe that’s what it is. At one time I thought that I’d be well underway on creating my own memories at the holidays with a family of my own. At least with someone I love, if not with children we had together.

That must be it. A bit of the ol’ holiday hum drums because on this most glorious of family times, I am lacking in my own family.

Yes, I am a part of the holiday plans with both of my sisters and their families, and I love the time I have with them. But it’s increasingly feeling like I am a sort of ‘third wheel’ to their own festivities and rituals.

I’m not sure what the answer here is. Guess I’ll have to keep looking.

The Last Wish

This is the short film I Executive Produced and served as Director of Photography and Editor on a year and a half ago. It’s won a number of awards:

Special Jury Short Award – Columbia Gorge International Film Festival

Honorable Mention – 2012 Los Angeles Film Awards

Sierra Nevada Award – 2012 Mountain Film Awards

Official Selection – Riverside International Film Festival

“Best Sci-Fi Short” – Independent Film Quarterly Film & Webisode Festival – Los Angeles, April 2012

Here comes 2013

I often take the end of the year as an opportunity to evaluate what has transpired over the previous 12 months and to speculate on how the next 12 may go.

2012 has been an interesting year. Some great highs, some real scares and thankfully scarce of real lows.


Mom in the ICU in April/May.

The biggest event of the year was Mom’s near death experience in April. This event comprised both the lowest low of the year, and probably the highest high. Mom was rushed to the hospital on April 27th after Theresa found her nearly unconscious and bleeding from the nose and mouth on the floor of her room. When Mom arrived at the ER she was in critical condition and they had to put her on the breathing machine. Turns out, within a 24 hour period she had contracted double pneumonia. It was 98% saturated in her lungs and she was in sepsis shock. Her blood was carrying the infection throughout her body.

Mom recovering about 3 weeks later.

Mom recovering about 3 weeks later.

She was admitted into the ICU where they kept her sedated for the next 14 days while they tried to battle the infection and save her life. Eventually they determined that she had staphylococcal pneumonia and they were able to target the antibiotics they were using to fight it.

The day Mom was allowed to wake up was a big day. To her credit she is an incredible survivor. It is probably the thing she is the best at in life. The struggle to survive and to power on. Within 4 days of waking up in the ICU she was transferred to a nursing facility where she spent 21 days relearning how to walk and gaining back motor skills that had been lost while she was immobile in the ICU.

We’ve since discovered, through her fantastic new doctors, that she has a fairly severe case of liver schirrosis. While it isn’t bad enough to warrant her being on the actual liver transplant list, it is severe enough that she is now in the care of the UCSD Organ Transplant team who are working very hard to help slow down the damage to her liver and improve the quality of her life. So far they are doing a wonderful job.

As part of making sure Mom was safe to come home we all moved into a new house in Oceanside, CA. It’s single story which was important during Mom’s recovery. But in addition to being good for Mom it really is good for the family. There is a nice yard both in the front and the back of the house. It’s in a great neighborhood with kids around and friendly neighbors. Halloween was a lot of fun here and the Christmas decorations have been just as fun. So, while the move was forced on us because of Mom’s situation the actual result of moving has been fantastic. And a special thanks to our baby sister Laura and our friend Jessica for finding the place to begin with!


YouWorkout is the digital magazine I produce at LifeApps.

I’m doing pretty well. After taking 2011 off to sail and sort of regather myself psychologically and emotionally, I have found myself in the most interesting professional situation of my life. One of my clients of the past few years decided to take his company public this year, and he insisted that it wouldn’t happen unless I was a part of it.

So here I am at the end of the year the #1 employee in LifeApps Digital Media. Director of Operations of a sports, health and fitness digital products company. Making more money from 1 job than I ever have before and with a stock portfolio. Weird.

David's first ever, Brand New Car!

David’s first ever, Brand New Car!

From traveling bum to this in a matter of less than 12 months? Who would have thought it possible? I even bought a brand new car this month! My first new car ever!

Just goes to show that you have no idea where life will take you. Especially if you just allow your life to move where it will take you. I’ve never been much for long term planning.

My nephews are all growing up so fast. Mikey and Aiden are amazing little dudes. Kale has really started to come into his own and has almost completely overcome the developmental challenges we were all so worried about this time last year. Sean is starting to talk and is just the coolest little kid you could imagine. And 2013 promises more joy on the little relatives front. Maybe I’ll be blessed with a niece next year?

Next year. 2013. What does it hold? Who knows? I am working very hard on my company and will be pushing out new golf and soccer products early in the year. I am hoping to visit my friend Melanie in Japan and/or China and/or the Philippines in March for a couple of weeks. The summer should bring a “bundle” of good news. Outside of that I just don’t know what to expect from the new year. It’ll be interesting to see where things go.