Loving my iPad

Apple iPad Product Launch

Here we are, having just purchased our iPads.

Well it’s been over a month now and I have to say it… I love my iPad.

This morning I was waiting in line at the DMV to renew my license. When I got there the line wrapped all the way around the building. So, I dutifully found my place at the back of the line and pulled out my iPad. For the next 40 minutes, while standing in broad daylight, I read the first five chapters of “Moby Dick”.

Yes Virginia, there is a readable screen in the daylight on the iPad.

It was great. Before I knew it I was at the front of the line being given a number to, you guessed it, wait in a different line.

No problem. Out came the trusty iPad, once again. Reading commenced, once again. And once again the time just flew by. With the minor interruption of one DMV employee who wanted a demonstration of the iPad and a brief discussion of what’s possible on it. She was thinking about getting a Kindle, but once she saw the broader usefulness off the iPad she was converted. I imagine she’ll have her iPad by the end of the week. 😉

Yes, there are shortcomings on the device currently. It’s still frustrating that there’s no printing from the device. But Steve Jobs sent an email out to someone yesterday assuring them that printing is coming to the iPad. So I can wait. It is also frustrating that there is no way to pull a Word Doc, or PPT or Excel file from a USB thumb drive. This would be very useful in the field when someone throws you a last minute file to edit and you have no WiFi signal, or additional computer on hand to send the file from. Perhaps this will be corrected in the future too? We’ll see.

But aside from some, “If A happens when I’m in B, then I can’t accomplish C” scenarios the iPad lives up to my expectations and exceeds them in most respects. And those ABC scenarios are not daily occurrences for me, and can usually be avoided with enough careful planning ahead of time.

Anyone else out there with an iPad with some thoughts to share?

Sometimes the past is beautifully present…

A classic steam engine train came through town today. It was breathtaking.

Las Vegas 2010 v3.0

I’m in Vegas for the next two days to attend the NAB Show. This is the big annual show that we attend to see all the video, sound and computer gear in our industry. This year we have Josh and Jessica attending with us. OH! Did I mention that Baby Sean is here too?

Tomorrow is our first day and we will end it at the Final Cut Pro User Group Supermeet! We’ll also see Victoria for lunch tomorrow and Rita for lunch on Wednesday. Should be fun!

Got my iPad

Well I have it. My very own iPad. Bryan and I went down to the Apple store at 5 this morning. First in line. Awesome. More details to come. But first impressions are very good! I love this thing.

The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

This is a must read for anyone who is giving presentations out there in the world. The post is written by Guy Kawasaki… this man is someone you should really listen to.

As a slideshow Operator/Designer myself for many years in a few thousand settings for several hundred clients… I can’t stress enough how much thought should really go into someone’s presentation slides. Have a read and make your audience happy!

How to Change the World: The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint.

Apple Seeking to Stimulate Mac Development With $99 Mac Dev Program – Mac Rumors

This is good news for us who are moving into software development.


Apple Seeking to Stimulate Mac Development With $99 Mac Dev Program – Mac Rumors.

Working in Palm Desert

Well, Bryan and I are up in Palm Desert this week working with IMS Audio Visual on the eTail West conference.

I enjoy working with the boys from IMS. They are good guys. Nice to work with.

Bryan is here working, even though his wife (my sister) is at home ready to pop with their first child. Hopefully she won’t go into labor while we are here. She’s acutally due on the 7th of March. So we are assuming we have another week, although, we all know Teesa would prefer to have the kid sooner than later at this point.

This is an interesting conference to be working at this point. With Apadapa Labs getting ready to launch we are quickly preparing to become a company with actual products to sell. Not just services. So the sessions here on email marketing and online data collecting are extremely relevant and interesting.

January Rolls Into February

Launching our Own Software

Happy Cloud Computing

2010 is 1/12 over. January has passed us by.

*Blink* It’s over!

Amazing. February is already upon us. The next month should be very interesting. We are making some great headway on launching our software company. We have meetings on Thursday to determine our name, meet with the lawyer to file all the incorporation papers and truly launch this thing.

I’m very excited about the prospects of this new venture. I think there is a tremendous amount of talent in our group and we should be able to hit a few homeruns on this software business. It’s really going to be great!

February… we will see the completion of our first iPhone app this month as we complete our very first app that is being developed for a client. Very cool. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s available on the App Store.

Look out world! We’re putting our cloud out there in the sky!