Learning to fly

Life's an adventure!

Life’s an adventure!

So, I’m quickly coming up on the 1st anniversary of my job as Director of Operations at LifeApps. It’s been an interesting year. I’ve helped produce two outstanding digital magazines, produced a very robust fitness app and we are about to push out our first ever retail product in the golf world.

It’s fascinating how much I’ve done in the past year. And it’s fascinating to me that I am even in a position to do all of this. My boss has really put a lot of faith in me, and I am very appreciative of that. The opportunities I am having right now are not “the norm” for someone who dropped out of college and spent most of his adult life avoiding the 9-5 office workplace.

Hopefully we will see a lot of success in 2013. I know I will certainly be giving it my best!

Oh and if anyone is attending the PGA show in Orlando in a couple of weeks, come see me at the LifeApps Core Grip booth, #585!

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