WWDC 2010

I really wish I could be in San Francisco tomorrow. The annual Apple World Wide Developers Conference kicks off with another Steve Jobs keynote address. I look forward to all of his keynotes. The CEO of Apple is quite the showman and whether or not his announcements contain anything of use to me or not I love to see his presentations. Over a decade of working AV, specifically as a PowerPoint operator has made me really appreciate well executed keynotes. They are a rare thing indeed, and Mr. Jobs never fails to impress me with his presentations.

I especially love it when they bring up “guest speakers” from other companies and you get to see what your average speaker looks like up against a Mr. Jobs keynote. It usually pretty sad for the guest. At least from the standpoint of how they compare in the presentation style, not in terms of the great PR they get from sharing the stage.

Tomorrow should bring a new iPhone, I imagine delivery of the new device should be quickly following the announcement. Hopefully we can afford to get me one. We’ll need one to test apps on at the very least. (I can find any excuse to buy a new Apple device.)

But what else will they announce? They’ve already given us a glimpse of iPhone OS 4. I suppose we might get a recap and maybe a surprise new feature or two. Might new Mac Pros be on tap? Possibly, but lately those have been getting less fanfare and more quiet updates than you usually see in the keynotes.

I’ll be sure to blog about my reactions to whatever the announcements are in the morning. Only 12 hours to go!


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