iPad Day 2

Well with a full day and a half now of playing with my iPad here are some more thoughts on the device.

It’s awesome. Really the screen is simply gorgeous. I just used the Marvel Comics app to read an issue of The Amazing Spiderman and the graphics just popped with vibrant color. It was an incredibly enjoyable way to read a comic. I could even zoom in to get better views of the artwork!

The keyboard is interesting. It’s very responsive and with the big screen still leaves enough space to comfortably see whatever it is you are working on, but learning the optimum hand placement has a taken some time. But not too bad. I’m typing this blog post one the iPad and my speed is only slightly slower than a conventional keyboard. I’m sure with enough practice I will find myself flying along on this keyboard. And if worst comes to worst I have a Bluetooth keyboard that i can sync to the iPad.

Battery life is awesome. I really am getting 10+ hours of continuous use out of it. Incredible.

Wi-Fi is strong and fast, web browsing is great in Safari.

iPad specific apps are really a joy to use. The developers of a lot of these apps have done great things expanding their apps for then extra screen real estate.

Anyway… More later. In the meantime Happy Easter!


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