Further toughts on the iPad

Ok, now i’m being called an Apple fanboy again who’s drinking the Kool Aid.

That’s funny.

Now to say that I’m drinking the Kool Aid is just lame, and typical of people who are Anti Apple. And believe me there are many out there who just despise Apple. I know that.

Apple does not always do it right. They do make missteps along the way, it’s true. In the Jobs era you have The Cube, the weird colored Clam Shell iBooks, to a lesser extent AppleTV (though it delivers on what was promised, just the promise is totally underwhelming).

But Apple’s latest Macs, notebooks and iPods/iPhones are awesome. And every step of the way the Anti Apple zealots have started to sound as out of touch as the Mac Addicts. (There’s Kool Aid to be sipped on both sides!)

The name does have it’s problems. But that doesn’t bother me. If nothing else I’d love to see a move away from the “I” names, but that probably won’t happen. Not soon anyway.


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