DreamsDreams are the things that push our creativity. They are the inspiration that moves us to greatness. They are what our hearts and our minds wish for us together. The successful pursuit of one’s dreams can be the most rewarding experience of our lives. And yet, many of us give up on our dreams at one point or another. We convince ourselves that it’s too hard, the ceiling is too high, the reality of our lives can’t live up to the fantasy. Why do we do that?

Is it necessary to do that? Is that just the way it is? I’ve found myself asking this question more and more recently.

I have lots of dreams. Some of them, I know, are totally unreasonable. (Let’s face it, I’m likely never going to find myself President of Apple. 😉 But a lot of them are dreams I have been working very hard towards accomplishing.

My moviemaking, running my own business, being a man I can be proud of. I guess those aren’t crazy dreams to have. I am, technically living out all three of them.

But it’s very difficult. The moviemaking is rewarding in it’s own way. But I am beginning to wonder if I’ll ever lift it to the lofty expectations of my dreams. What are the chances I’ll ever get to make an Avatar? Or even still, what are the chances I’ll ever get to make my Dad’s film? Is it even worth thinking about that sort of loftier ambition? Or should I be content with the level I’m at and just learn to be happy with that?

My business venture with Theresa and Laura is going pretty well. We are working very hard to grow and expand our reach. We are launching a new software company that has the potential to make us a load of money in the next year and a half alone. But I still wonder if we are going to reach that point. I wonder if my dreams are ultimately out of reach of my reality. Is it folly to continue pushing for such high goals? Or is that the true sign of someone on the path to success? The unwillingness to give up? I often wonder if my life would be easier if I’d just suck it up and work a “regular job.”

And as for being a man I can be proud of. I think I’m living that dream out day-to-day. Generally I think I’m succeeding and I like to think that I’m not just tooting my own horn without reason. Certainly being dumped, for no obvious reasons, in October has shaken that perception of who I am a bit. But I think I’ve responded to the challenges of the past 4 months with dignity and grace and patience, understanding and love. I think I’m doing all right.

This isn’t a crisis post. I’m not planning on changing my path or doing anything drastic. But I think it’s good to evaluate and question one’s path periodically. Don’t you?


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