Beautiful Outside

Beautiful San DiegoSo after what feels like an eternity of rain, we have finally been given a day or two of blue skies. The forecast is for more gloomy, rainy weather in a couple of days, but for right now we are being treated to the wonder of crisp, clean skies in San Diego.

It’s absolutely gorgeous. One of those days that reminds you why you live in So Cal.

The other day Alissa said I was being very Glass Half-Full when I said the rain was great because it would bring us blue skies, green hillsides and clean air. You can even see snow capped mountain peaks in the east county from the beach! Well, maybe I was a bit Glass Half-Full, but I was also right!

So nice out, but I also can’t wait for the next few days of rain. I want this to be the year we pull our So Call butts out of the drought. So tired of the drought conditions.


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