2010 – Futures

So I’ve spent the last few days thinking a lot about the future.

It’s time to set some new goals in my life. I turn 35 in May, so maybe I should look back at the goals I had set for myself and see if they’ve come to pass.

There were really only a couple of major goals I had set for myself when I was 30 to have accomplished by the time I was 35.

  1. To produce a feature film by 35.
    Accomplished. “What’s The Vig?” and Iraq and Beyond.
  2. Have my own place.
    Accomplished. Moved into my own place in October 2009.
  3. Get my finances out of chaos.
    In progress with major advances at the end of 2009.
  4. Have my own production company up and running.
    Accomplished. Dawson Digital has been in existence since 2004. We’ve produced two features (1 narrative, 1 documentary and multiple shorts with a whole shelf of awards and achievements.)

That’s really it. That’s all the major goals I had set for myself at 30. (Funny that I didn’t actually start to take care of two of those items until just recently.)

Now 35… what are my goals like now? I think I’ll set them at a more reasonable 12-18 months setting now. That way I don’t wait 4-5 years to get around to them like this last time.

David’s 2010 Goals:

  1. To continue to improve my personal financial situation.
    This includes:
    Finally eliminating debt to IRS and FTB
    Settling into acceptable agreements on Student Loans
  2. Grow Dawson Digital’s business by a factor of 10.
    Dawson Digital was about a $100,000.00 business in 2009. I intend to bring Dawson Digital to a $1M business in the next 18 months. This will be done through a variety of means. Expanding and exploring new ventures for the company, like our iPhone business and Team Ordering software. Establishing business partnerships to expand our reach, hello Blue Horse and Trumpet! And maybe, taking on some new bold ventures only spoken about in the past. Things that aren’t “polite to talk about” in casual conversation, but have the potential to make us millions.
  3. Continue to improve my health.
    I will lose more weight. I’m thinking a final weight of 210 lbs by this time next year.
    I completely quit smoking in 2010.
    Maybe I will add in some goal, like running a half-marathon or something. Let’s see how busy the year is as it progresses, yeah?
  4. In all that I do, I will listen to my heart.
    Maybe this seems like a weird thing to have in “goals.” But the past few months, and really the past couple of years have shown me how incredibly hard it can be to listen to your own voice in life. It’s so easy to be swayed off of your own path when others are telling you to do something completely different. From the common advice of family and friends about your personal life, to the constant drone of the media over how bad the economy is. It’s easy to let other people’s opinions move you in directions you didn’t mean to go. So this is an actual goal for me. I’m not going to let others dictate my response to the world around me. I will listen to my own voice, follow my own heart and charge forward on my own path.

I think that’s it. I think those are my main goals for the next 12-18 months. Let’s get to it!


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