Baby Kale turned 1

Baby Kale turned 1.

Baby Kale turned 1.

I can’t believe my nephew Kale is 1 now.

Last year his birth came on the heels of the 1 year anniversary of my Dad’s passing. It was a bittersweet introduction to the world.

This year, he got a party (mostly his older brothers’ friends), he got presents, lots of love from lots of people and a blue cupcake.

He was so cute running around the yard laughing and playing with his brothers and all the other children.

Today was a joyous night. I listened to Kale’s laughter, I listened to Aiden sing Disney songs and I played video games with Mikey who continues to blow me away with how quickly he picks up computers.

Life is definitely continuing in this family and Theresa’s only six months away from adding a new addition to the mix. Somewhere I know my Dad is smiling and saying that life is as it should be.


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