Dom DeLuise 1933 – 2009

Dom DeLuise 1933 – 2009 — Ain’t It Cool News

So sad.

Dom DeLuise is one of the first comedic actors I remember laughing at/with in my childhood.

Cannonball Run was one of those funny movies we used to play over an over again. First on our Betamax and then on our VHS. Good memories.

Most recently I watched his episode of Stargate SG-1 with Alissa. He played a super hyper brain-implanted AI that drove the SG-1 team nuts. He was so funny. Such a brilliant sense of comedic timing.

He was always so engaging in his roles. He obviously had fun performing and his exuberance for his craft just leapt off the screen.

Laugh on Mr. DeLuise. Thanks for the joy you brought to the world.

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