My initial list of things I don't want to ever forget

Playing catch with my father and the way he would always strike weird poses and throw the ball funny.

Learning to play soccer with my Dad in the backyard of our house in Ohio. He was reading from a book, “How to teach soccer” or something like that.

My Mom singing… anything at all.

The look of the hillside behind our house in Pocatello.

Visiting Pocatello as an adult with my Dad, and the rest of the trip to Idaho Falls, The Snake River and Yellowstone.

David… David Dawson… King of the Fishermen! (My elder family members should remember that.)

Holding baby Theresa for the first time.

Holding baby Laura for the first time.

The time Theresa took on those sixth graders (she was in Kindergarten) and won.

Mom threatening to beat up anyone who made me sad as a child.

Mom chasing my school bus to the GATE program so that she could deliver McDonald’s to me for lunch.

Dressing up in drag for the school Halloween costume contest in 5th grade. And winning the giant jar of candy.

Meeting Alissa for the first time at Daniel’s birthday party.

Alaska. The entire story. (I need to finish those blogs about it before it all fades too far into my past.)

My first EMMY nomination.

My first EMMY “loss.” (Hey, keep it humble man.)

“More Than Words” and my Dad’s waterbed with Amy.

Being baptized with all of my closest friends in 1992 at Ponto Beach.

Holding baby Mikey after he was born.

Holding Aiden the day after he was born.

Holding Kale after he was born.

Watching Laura come around the lake with my Dad in the horse drawn carriage at her wedding.

Watching Theresa and Mom walk down the aisle at her wedding.


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