Danny Boyle Takes It (Oscar) Home

Danny Boyle Takes It Home

Danny Boyle Takes It Home

I don’t know if it’s that I wasn’t inspired by the trailers this year, or if I missed most of the movies from the sheer fatigue of mourning my father’s passing during most of ’08… but I just didn’t see very many of the big nominees this year. Looks like I really need to see Danny Boyle’s “Slumdog Millionaire”.

Of the bigger winners of the night, I saw:

  • Wall*E – Such an amazing, masterpiece of filmmaking.
  • The Dark Knight – Heath Ledger deserved his award. It’s a shame that he died right as I thought he was finally getting interesting.
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – I would have liked to have seen it win more awards. I thought this movie was brilliantly done.

And that’s about it. I saw Tropic Thunder as well, and I’d have been happy to see Robert Downey Jr. go home with something tonight. He had such an amazing year between Iron Man and TT. But he’s got a whole slate of really interesting movies coming out over the next two years, so he’ll definitely be one to watch.

All in all the Oscars was a lot of fun this year. I thought the production was done very well. Seems the producers of “Dreamgirls” produced it this year, and they brought their stage spectacle expertise to the program. Hugh Jackman got to show the world why he’s on Broadway all the time. Excellent.

Things seemed to move along pretty well. The show didn’t seem to drag much and you really didn’t hear them do the “your time is up music” but maybe one time all night.

Maybe someday I’ll find myself up on that stage too.


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