Say Anything…

So I’m sitting here, trying to get to sleep. Failing miserably at it, as usual.

So I turn on my T.V. to find that “Say Anything” is playing on FX. I’ve not seen this movie in quite some time. But I must admit to it being one of “those” films for me.

What do I mean by one of “those” films? It’s inspiring. It’s simple, eloquent and beautiful. The movie is about the characters, and is a wonderful testament to the ability of film to tell a story. A story that we can immediately recognize as a story about us. It’s not about us, of course. But it’s amazing how some stories can grab us in such a strong way, the characters can be so easily recognizable to us that we feel like it’s our story, our friends that we are experiencing the events with.

I wonder if I’ll be able to make a film like that someday.



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