I have now become a contributor and moderator at the website I’ve written a nice description of who I am there. The text of that intro follows:


Ok, I’ve already posted two items to the boards for review and forced my opinions onto a few other posts. So how about letting you know just who I am?

My name is David Sean Dawson (remember it… you’ll see it on a marquee near you someday!) I am 29 and I currently reside in the North County region of San Diego.

When I first left high school I went to Baylor University as a Technical Theatre Major with an Acting Minor. I spent two years studying at Baylor before leaving for Dallas where I’d landed a job at Vari*Lite. Vari*Lite is one of the leading companies in automated lighting systems for concerts, theatre and film production in the world. Dallas is their worldwide headquarters.

After a year in Dallas I decided it was time to return to the Sunny Shores™ of Southern California. So I packed my bags and returned home. I spent the next seven years working as a freelance lighting/sound/sets technician in the theatrical and corporate events markets.

About five years ago my father had open heart surgery and required me to return to the “full-time” grind to help him cover his life expenses while he recovered. So I took up a full-time position as a road-technician for an Audio Visual Production company and I spent a year to a year and a half working on the road as a tech. This job was great since it covered so many aspects of production from sound to video to graphics to project managing.

While on the road I bought a Sony Digital-8 Camcorder and an iMac (I’d been using Macs since Baylor). I chronicled everything we did on the road and started editing neat “vacation” videos with iMovie. I loved how simple video editing had now become and I learned through the biz that Hi-Def was on it’s way and that motion pictures were soon going to open up as a possibility for the low budget filmmaker who doesn’t want to shoot film! So once Dad no longer needed me to work I went back to school!

I attended the local community college Palomar College where they have a well respected Radio and Television certification program. I began making movies my first year there. Shortly before attending classes I landed my first contract as a video producer with the Surf Cup Soccer Tournaments. They hired me to shoot and edit together a 7 minute promotional video for them. I used the money made (most paid in advance) to purchase a Canon XL-1 and some support equipment and Final Cut Pro 1.0. Yeah, I’ve been an FCP user since six months after it’s release!

So with XL-1 in hand and a wealth of production knowledge already gained through my years in production environments I set out to get straight A’s at school. And I did. The greatest achievement I have there, however, was that my goal was to get nominated for a student EMMY prior to leaving the program there and I achieved that goal with my very first short film.

One project, one year, one regional EMMY nomination! I was stoked. I followed that nomination the second year there with another nomination for a 1-hour live-to-tape in-studio talk show I produced about Terrorism. (This was the semester of 9-11). And again, in my third year I was nominated again for a short film I produced/wrote/directed/edited called “Spoof Wars: Episode MICK: Generation Jedi”. A fan film that was created for the first Atom Films Star Wars Fan Film Contest. Atom Films didn’t pick it up, but to the best of my knowledge, it’s the only Fan Film to earn a nomination in the EMMY’s.

So that was three years in a row that I was awarded nominations from the Pacific Southwest Regional Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Not bad for a beginner!

I’ve since created a production company with my family (Everyone is into production now!) and we have been hard at work on short films and paid corporate gigs.

We are currently seeking financing for our first feature-film, a movie written by my Father. Currently the script is in the hands of Ivan Schwarz, one of the co-producers of the wildly successful and brilliant “Band of Brothers” from HBO. He has read the script and thinks it’s a good project, he’s currently showing it to some of his friends. So keep those fingers crossed for us!

We are also in pre-planning stages with two other companies regarding “reality-TV” based programming documenting youth players in International Soccer Tournaments. With any luck these two documentary projects will be getting off the ground next year with possible broadcast on Fox Sports or FOX in late 2005 early 2006.

So anyway, lots going on. I hope to contribute more to this forum in the months ahead. I enjoy helping people learn when I can.

Our company website can be visited by clicking here And don’t forget to view and review my latest short film by clicking here!

Until next time!



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