And you run and you rush to catch up with the Sun but it's sinking…

My birthday was two days ago. It was nice. I woke up and got an IM from Amy wishing me a happy birthday. (Actually she called me first, but I didn’t wake up fast enough to talk to her, so I was hearing her message on my voicemail when she IM’ed me.)

Then, the second person to wish me a happy birthday was Kurt, also on IM. He “sang” the Red Robin birthday song for me on IM. It was funny. Then he says, “Well I’ll see you later tonight.” Which he never says. So naturally my interest was piqued. So I ask him, “You know something I don’t?” Hehehehe. Brief moment of nothing and then he says, “Well, I just figured I’d see my friend on his birthday! I want to take you to Fry’s or something and buy you a gift. I’m terrible at that.” Uh huh. Neither of my parents at that point had wished me a happy birthday and my Mother was sitting no more than ten feet away from me the whole time I was chatting on the computer. I KNEW something was up.

Then, after hanging around Mom for an hour, she finally says Happy Birthday. Like she’d forgotten. Except we’d talked about it just the night before. RRRRRRiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhtttt.

Dad then calls. He talks to me for about 5 minutes and then says goodbye. No mention of my birthday. Now let’s be perfectly clear. Dad never forgets his kid’s birthday. NEVER. So now, I know something’s up.

So I spend the rest of the day playing the game. Trying to see if anyone will slip. Everyone, at some point in the day makes an “ALMOST” slip. It’s quite amusing. Vanessa gave me some great Taz gifts at the Polo Fields before we started working.

Finally… I’m heading home to Dad’s house, where I’ve been told Mom is making a meal for me and Dad and Teesa to have. I “ask” Vanessa to join us and tell Teesa to call Kurt. (I had my suspicions that Kurt was already involved, but I wasn’t so sure about Vanessa.) So anyway, as I pull up to the apartment complex that Dad lives in I see a car that looks like my friend Sheryl’s. I think, “Hmmmm… peculiar”. And then I notice the final give away. A couple of cars ahead of Sheryl’s on the street is the unmistakable maroon colored Toyota POS that can only belong to my good friend Daniel. There’s no mistaking this car, especially after you see “THE CLUB” firmly in place on his beat-up old stearing wheel.

So naturally I wander into the rest of the parking lot looking around. There’s Kurts car, Sarah’s here too… Wow. They managed to get all of my friends here. Nice.

So I go walking up the lot towards the apartment. I see Mom come out on the patio as Dad moves in the front door. Mom finally spots me as I come underneath the porch. She turns into the room and very discreetly (insert sarcastic/humorous tone here) yells to the crowd in the room, “He’s here! He’s here! Shhhhh!”

It was so sweet and so cute and so not a surprise. But it was a valiant and welcome effort that I greatly appreciate and admire. My family and friends are the greatest in the world. And I am the luckiest Birthday Boy in the world because of them.

**I also got some cool clothes and some Mini-DV tapes! Gifts are Rad!



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