A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.

At last! Some good news coming in on the “Behind The Window” front!

Here’s the deal… a couple of weeks ago Luca finally hooked us up in a meeting with Kevin Mabbutt. Kevin is a former soccer star from England. A very successful one at that. He now lives in Rancho Santa Fe and owns one of the very successful restaurants there. He is also an aspiring film producer and is currently hard at work trying to get a very popular soccer book turned into a film. That’s been a long expensive road for him so far, but it’s a journey that, like any real filmmaker, he’s willing to take.

So anyway, we meet with Kevin and Luca and we pitch the script, the production and everything else about us to Kevin. It went really well. We instantly liked Kevin. He’s a straight up kind of guy and we felt like he really listened to us when we were talking about our project. He took the script from us and asked if he could show it to Ivan Schwarz who is helping him get his soccer movie off the ground. Ivan is also Kevin’s brother-in-law (I believe) and to top it all off he is also one of the co-producers of “Band Of Brothers“. Mick was more than happy to let him show the script to someone we instantly had great respect for. (We loved “Band of Brothers” and we still recommend viewing it to people today!) So Kevin said he’d deliver the script to Ivan that weekend. Cool.

After we were done pitching it seemed that Kevin was ready to pitch some ideas of his own. The man really wants to make soccer films, T.V. Shows and documentaries. He’s so passionate about getting soccer on the screen. It’s really very cool. So he discussed with us a few of his documentary ideas and some of his film ideas. He was very interested in discussing the soccer productions with us some more in the near future, but we had to bring that meeting to a close because of everyone’s schedules.

So Mick and I left that day feeling like it was the best meeting we’d had for Dawson Digital Productions so far…

And it’s getting better.

On my birthday, Tuesday May 18, Kevin tells Dad that he’s having lunch with Ivan and that Ivan has told him he’s looked over “Behind The Window” and that they’ll talk about it at lunch. Exciting stuff. Mick could barely contain his excitement and nervousness. Kevin also told him that he wants to discuss shooting a series of documentaries around the Surf Cup and some of the players/teams competing there. Good stuff.

So Kevin goes into his lunch with Ivan, one of a few meetings he had scheduled for the afternoon, and we are told to call him the next day for news.

The wait was unbearable. It’s a good thing it was my birthday, ’cause it kept us distracted. Sort of.

So on Wednesday, Kevin talks to Dad and says that Ivan has read half of the screenplay. ***dramatic pause*** He likes what he’s read so far. Says it’s well written, a good story, very well crafted and timely. He promises to finish the script by his meeting with Kevin next week and would like to show it to a few of his other producer friends as a potential project to think about.


Awesome stuff. If he likes it after the first half, he’s gonna like it after the second too. Personally I feel the second half is the strongest. Maybe not a strong enough ending, but that’s workable! The main thing is he likes it!

We are so excited around here it’s amazing.

So we are waiting until next week to hear more. But the possibilities of this project going forward are increasing exponentially with the fact that a “Band Of Brothers” producer likes the script. THAT’S HUGE!!!!

And we still are going to pursue soccer films with Kevin. So lots going on here now!

Until next time!



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