Oh what a wonderful Tea Party…

Well, it’s finally over. Adam Davis has finally become my *choke* brother-in-law.

The wedding was absolutely magical. Laura and Adam had what is undoubtedly the best wedding I have ever been to in my life. EVER!

From the perfect weather, to the beautiful horse drawn carriage that brought Laura to the altar, to the Reverend Kurt T. Jordan officiating… it was a day of beauty, family, friends and most importantly, LOVE. Their love and the love of their family and friends enveloped all of us like a warm blanket. You could feel it in the air. It was a very special time and one none of us will ever forget.

I’ll be posting the photos to the web soon. For now I’ll put one photo here. Isn’t Laura just the picture of beauty? She was positively radiant all day!


****Oh yeah, today’s my 29th birthday. Go me!


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