Triple Letter Score

So last night Mom, Donald, Steve and I got into a game of Scrabble.

Yes, I know… the game does still exist. Mom’s been trying to get me to play with her for a couple of months now. Nothing like making her work for it! I finally gave in last night.

We started playing around 10. Mostly because the internet slowed to a crawl and I couldn’t get anything done. So I decided to pass some time playing the game with Mom and Donald.

Well, Steve got home from work around 1:30am. He joined in.

It was funny. We all got so competitive that when the internet did come back on we hooked up the laptop and started using’s online dictionary to verify everyone’s words. Steve got to the point where he couldn’t put any word down without checking it first.

So we fought and we battled our way through the night. Eventually the morning sun began to ignite the colors of the scrabble board in the morning rays. We suddenly realized we’d played all through the night when we finally decided to call it quits.

Oh and for those counting… Donald won the first game and then Mom proceeded to trounce us all through the next 5!




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