Another week gone by…

Another week has come and gone. This week saw the completion of another promo video, this time for Full90 Sports. It’s a video I am actually fairly proud of. One of the better videos I’ve concocted.

They are using it as part of their submission to the ISPO BrandNew Award. I hope that they win. It’d be a nice thing to have worked on a video that helped a company win a major worldwide competition.

Laura’s wedding date is coming up fast. Hopefully I can get my act together and get her video made for the wedding. It’s going to be a sweet video, but I’ve not had any real free time to devote to it. With any luck that free time will come in the next few weeks.

Mom is doing well and has finally found a group of doctors who truly seem like they can provide her with some real help. So we have our hopes up there.

Teesa is still recovering from her bout with Meningitis. Her back is pretty sore still. But she seems to be getting better, slowly but surely, every day.

Adam and Laura have discovered the joys of bowling and are actively pushing Teesa and Mom and I into the sport again. I even bought a new bowling ball. (Hey, it’s tough for a big guy like me to find a ball in the alley that fits my fat fingers.) I haven’t had a ball since I bowled league when I was 9. But hey, it’s a cool ball and I am really enjoying myself.

Mikey Logan turned 4 months old last Saturday. He’s so cute. I just love him to death! He makes me so happy, I absolutely adore him.

Dad lost the election for CYSA-S Secretary due to some behind the scenes politic-ing from the current President. Oh well. Maybe he’ll be able to focus more on the movie stuff now.

Guess that’s all for today. Have a good weekend everybody!



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